Conference Outcomes

Conference Outcomes

Participants will be encouraged to leave the conference with a commitment to explore at least three new collaborations or, particularly in the case of students, to take advantage of opportunities for participation in programs of the other conference participants. We will provide a forum at future events to hear about the outcome of these collaborations, and the “sustainability” committee will also collect, post, and archive news of these collaborations.

Sessions, receptions, and break-out meetings will be organized at national professional conferences such as the AGU SACNAS and AISES national meetings, Geological Society of America (GSA) national and regional meetings, and National American Indian Education (NIEA) meetings. Participants from the GA conference will be encouraged to arrange such sessions and to recruit new members for the GA. This is a practice that has already proved successful—since our first GA national meeting, we have had such ad-hoc meetings at AISES, AGU, SACNAS, and GSA in 2010/2011. Most recently, a dinner hosting 60 Native American students was held in conjunction with the 2011 AISES meeting, at which students had the possibility of learning about six different research opportunities. This dinner was jointly sponsored by several of the institutions with members in the GA, including Purdue University, the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics, the Northstar STEM Alliance, and the Department of the Interior.

The most applicable and up-to-date technological strategies have been adopted to promote continued interaction and communication including: a website, blog, wiki, Facebook page, Twitter, etc., and will be maintained by members of the GA “sustainability” committee. However, since we know that not all participants are equally comfortable with or have access to new technologies, we continue to promote communication and participation through means such as telephone, mail and personal contact.


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