2019 Conference

The Geoscience Alliance has received an award from the National Science Foundation to support our 4th national conference.  The conference will take place in Phoenix, AZ from  January 31-February 3, 2019!

Geoscience Alliance IV

 Carrying forward ancestral geoscience knowledge to

work through today’s challenges

Land Rights, Food Security, Natural Resource Extraction,

Extreme Weather Events, Water, Land Use Change, and Education

 Conference Information

Location:  Radisson Phoenix Airport, Phoenix, Arizona

Date:  January 31-February 3, 2019

The Geoscience Alliance (GA) is a national alliance of individuals committed to broadening participation of Native Americans in the geosciences.   Its members are faculty and staff from tribal colleges, universities, and research centers; native elders and community members; industry and corporate representatives; students (K12, undergraduate, and graduate); formal and informal educators; and other interested individuals. The goals of the Geoscience Alliance are to 1) create new collaborations in support of geoscience education for Native American students, 2) establish a new research agenda aimed at closing gaps in our knowledge on barriers and best practices related to Native American participation in the geosciences, 3) increase participation by Native Americans in setting the national research agenda on issues in the geosciences, and particularly those that impact Native lands, 4) provide a forum to communicate educational opportunities for Native American students in the geosciences, and 5) to understand and respect indigenous traditional knowledge.  We welcome participation by geoscientists, computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, biologists, and other disciplines who are interested in the scientific questions related to the challenges outlined above.

Geoscience Alliance is proud to be an open and welcoming community for people of all identities and backgrounds.  We are excited that at the 2019 GA we will include researchers who focus on access and inclusion for people with disabilities in the geosciences.  If you have a disability or work with students with disabilities, there will be activities during the GA focused on this topic.

On the conference registration, please provide enough detail so we can best accommodate your needs and support your success in this conference.

Contact:  Diana Dalbotten, dianad@umn.edu for more information.

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