Main Issues

  • Who funds research? Who makes decisions?
  • From a political standpoint…What is diversity?  How does NSF look at diversity?
  • What does “political” mean? What are politics?
  • Why be politically active?
  • Climate change?  Political future?
  • Growing sense of urgency to become involved with climate change issues
  • We need Native people at the table
  • Native worldviews have been historically suppressed. Native participation in science is inherently political.
  • Broadening Native participation of Native Americans because geosciences is part of what influences policy making.
  • If a large segment of Native Americaqns becomes more involved in creating certain kinds of policy (environment, education, economics) there WILL be major changes!
  • Having political voice can shape educational policy
  • Tribal individuals are often dismissed when approaching authorities- need to be educated (credentialed) in order to be heard
  • Once the populous is educated: how do we move into leadership?
  • We need to be heard when it’s time to put things to a vote
  • Sovereign nations, how can this help our political voices?
  • Political agendas influence funding: policies-politics
  • How to handle research in native communities so that community retains its voice as opposed to being used (mined) for its resources
  • Do the goals of the projects mesh with the goals/strategic plan of the community
  • Effectiveness of programs to communities
  • Communities can’t get up and move
  • How do we protect native knowledge and meet funding parameters?
  • Need members who can speak knowledgably
  • Scientific literacy
  • Need critical mass
  • RESPECT bill: proper consultation before action, currently the bill is stalled
  • How native communities have addressed leadership issues in other fields?:
    • Medical field
    • Education
    • INMED, INOSYCH…programs like this….professional societies?
    • Can we get a geosciences equivalent to HIS scholarships?
    • Pay native students to study geosciences, then require them to work for tribes/communities: Hydrology? Air quality? Land use? Reclamation?

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